Airbrush Action Getaway, May 2013.  Skull Master course with Eddie Davis with an intro class with Rob Churchill.  What a great team!  If this looks familiar, it is my rendition of Eddie's "Three On A Match".  With his permission and under his tutelage, the class learned how to create a replica of Eddie's masterpiece.  I am only a student in the art of airbrushing, but I am very proud of this piece! 

(Oh, the symbol on my helmet is the Deathly Hallows insignia for those Harry Potter fans...I just HAD to!)
These three pieces are from my class with Eddie Davis and Rob Churchill.  I am truly lucky to have had such an excellent learning experience with the Skull Masters.  
My first attempt at true fire!  Love her expression!
So I took what I learned from the class and created my very own Bride and Groom set.  They are Wicked paints on ribbed t-shirts.  As Eddie said it, I took his style and "girlied it up"!

This project was the last project I did at the May 2014 Orlando getaway with Javier Soto and Troy Pierce.  I completed it at home, and I was honored to be a featured artist of the Airbrush Action Magazine Facebook post.  The two panels below were also class projects (that were left unfinished).
Airbrush Action Getaway, February 2014.  Stencil class with Rob Churchill, and a Plotter Mastery class with Chris Johnson.  Excellent projects!
with Rob Churchill.  "Spray the stencil.  Spray the stencil!"
with Chris Johnson. Excellent class!  Never thought I could do chrome!
(This is a flat panel, not an actual tank!)  I later added a portrait of Chris, and presented it to him as a thank you gift!
Original artwork done freehand and with a plotter with Illustration Colors on aluminum panel.  It is in need of a coat of clear, for sure!

Airbrush Action Getaway, Las Vegas, October 2013. Plotter Mastery course with Alan Pastrana and Chris Johnson.
Original artwork.  Commissioned piece for a child's bedroom door (not too scary!) done freehand and with plotter elements.  Createx Illustration Colors on clay board.  
OCTOBER, 2014:  Las Vegas Airbrush Action Getaway
                               PINUPS ~ with Lorenzo Sperlonga

This was the most amazing class I have had thus far because of what I allowed myself to work toward before attempting this instruction!  I studied under the master of pinups, Lorenzo Sperlonga.  I have waited for years to take his class, never feeling like I was good enough to learn what I truly wanted to learn from him.  I feel like I have accomplished that with this piece.  It is Emma Frost, Marvel Xmen character that was conceived by Lorenzo in pencil.  The pencil sketched panel of his work was given to us to learn how to make a portfolio piece of his rendering utilizing airbrushing and other mixed media.  I never used standard acrylic paints in an airbrush before, and was very interested in learning about how Lorenzo used paintbrush and airbrush and color pencil and eraser to capture the detail and beauty of the female form.  I am very happy with this piece!  I look forward to creating more pinups.
VEGAS, 2015 - Pinup class with Lorenzo Sperlonga

Original artwork by Lorenzo, rendered by me!
Mixed media, acrylic paint, pencil, paintbrush and airbrush.

Murals on Steel w/Jonathan Pantaleon
Original artwork by Jonathan rendered by me
Airbrush Action Getaway, May 2015
Practiced his techniques on my original project
CREATING KILLER SKULLS (1-day class) with Rod Fuchs

One of my favorite artsists, Rod Fuchs gave us the skull and told us to make it ours.  The one above is my first attempt, done at the Getaway in February, 2015, and I liked the class so much, I took it again to create her sister skull on the left in May, 2015.
4-DAY KILLER SKULLS CLASS with Rodrick Fuchs

This original artwork of Rod's rendered by me
Loved this project!

My Journey. . . . classwork projects from various Getaways.
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